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Kamila Malik, born on April 24th, 1984, in Zabrze, Poland, is a classically trained violinist breaking all traditional standards. Playing the violin since she was 6, she easily adapts her knowledge and skills obtained through years and years of training into modern trends in entertainment. Now, facing the responsibilities of adulthood, she coordinates her family responsibilities with professional tasks without a problem, having all she ever wanted in her private life – being a mother of two wonderful boys. In her professional life she always wanted for her music to bring out positive emotions in people, and simply bring them real pleasure.

Her engagement in music entertainment brought her to create a number of compositions based on the most classic music pieces ranging from latino rhythms, bohemian/oriental notes as well as pop and rock songs which, through the beautiful sound of her violin, got a completely new life. Kamila’s party music sets consist of thrilling tangos, flamencos, mambos, and covers of the most popular film soundtracks and pop songs. It’s a guarantee of a successful party and good fun. More to be available soon under Offer.

Kamila actively promotes spiritual development and healthy lifestyle, emphasizing the inseparability of her femininity from strong character, being an inspiration to the young generation. She wants her music to change people and the world to better, to bring energy to everyday life. Kamila is a real musical individual, showing her signature features in everything she plays. Whenever she performs, it’s never the same. She encloses part of her feelings, moods and emotions in every performance, making it very unique. On stage she experiences a kind of Katharsis.

This is her entire life and her real passion.